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The most asked question we receive is; "How quickly does the KForce Program work?" Well here are the results. Remember the KForce Balance program is effective because it tackles not only the bad breath bacteria but it enables you to clean the biofilms that contain bacteria from your mouth and throat. The results are instant and dramatic as you remove the bulk of the biofilm with the very first application. Over the next few days the bad breath bacterial changes begin to occur and then these also impact on the halitosis gas levels.

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This patient had not had a dental clean for 10 years, but was finally driven to attend our clinic due to the state of their bad breath. The initial Halicheck readings were moderately high, with the Methyl Mercaptan reading being the worse due to the gingivitis from lack of professional cleaning. In fact the readings were; Hydrogen Sulphide (150), Methyl Mercaptan (173) and Dimethyl Sulphide (118). The total Sulphur compounds were (441)

The GC Saliva Test was performed to check the acid levels, saliva volume and buffering of the saliva. In other words we are checking just how healthy the patient's saliva is. The GC Saliva Test showed the saliva to be perfectly normal for volume, acidity and buffering capability.

BreezeCare Success Rate Is High
Finally the lifestyle quiz picked up that the patient did not floss their teeth, which was leaving a thick biofilm under the gums. Also a lot of protein was consumed during the day, with the typical lunch being a ham and cheese sandwich, washed down with a coffee containing milk and sugar.

To motivate the patient, the pintail cleaning with the KForce Balance System was done with the patient there and then in the surgery. This took approximately 20 minutes, to perform and learn the proper procedure. After the initial KForce Balance use another set of readings were taken. These now show completely normal breath. The readings now stood at; Hydrogen Sulphide (11), Methyl Mercaptan (19), and Dimethyl Sulphide (21). The total sulphur compounds were now (51)

The patient was simply amazed at the rapid improvement in their breath. They commented that they had tried everything possible, from doctors to dentists and no one was able to solve the problem. They felt they had been afflicted with bad breath since childhood. Yet in a short 20 minutes, the breath was now clean, fresh and completely normal.

The patient was asked to return five days later. At this appointment, another set of breath readings were taken. The readings speak for themselves; Hydrogen Sulphide (44), Methyl Mercaptan (0) and Dimethyl Sulphide (0). The total sulphur compounds were now (44).

The patient continues on the program and is very happy.


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