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Andy attended the Australian Breath Clinic extremely embarrassed about his bad breath problem. Andy is 24 years old and reports having suffered from bad breath since childhood. In fact he can remember instances when he was only 6 years old and family and friends made remarks to him about his bad breath.

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On arriving at the clinic, Andy filled in a brief lifestyle quiz that enabled Dr Speiser to see if there were any obvious reasons for Andy's extreme breath readings. Whilst he is filling in this form an initial breath sample is allowed to incubate in Andy's mouth and then this sample is sucked into a disposable syringe. This sample is the first of three samples that are taken during Andy's appointment, so that his breath can be gauged both under stress, when relaxed and immediately after initial treatment.

The gas sample is passed through an Oral Chroma Gas Chromagraph, which enables Dr Speiser to see an actual breakup of the three main gases of bad breath. These are Hydrogen Sulphide (rotten eggs), Methyl Mercaptan (faeces) and Dimethyl Sulphide (cabbage gasoline).

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As you can see from the graph above Andy is well over the acceptable levels of all three gases, to the degree that his breath is extremely offensive. Clinical examination revealed the following: Thick tongue coating which is causing the high Hydrogen Sulphide reading. Moderate gingivitis which releases an exudate that increases Methyl Mercaptan. Sinus congestion that increases throat mucous and Dimethyl Sulphide.

Andy also had a number of lifestyle issues that were picked up during his detailed breath quiz which takes approximately one hour. The good news was that, andy did not have any systemic problems and his saliva levels were normal for acidity, volume and buffering capacity.

Andy was given instructions in how to use the KForce Breath Guard Kit every day, as well as the simple lifestyle modifications he needed to make. He was asked to return in 6 weeks for a further assessment. As you can see from Andy's second set of readings his results wee astounding. All three gases were well within acceptable levels. In fact he only presented an extremely low range Hydrogen sulphide level, and zero Methyl Mercaptan and zero Dimethyl Sulphide.

After so many years Andy's problem has been eradicated, and as long as Andy continues to use the KForce Breath Guard Program and be meticulous with his lifestyle choices, his problem will not return. As with all Australian Breath Clinic patients, Andy is welcome to return for as many breath readings as he feels necessary to convince himself that his nightmare is finally over.


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