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We Have Been Treating Oral HealthPatients Since 1997
During this time we have carried out much research into the causes and treatment of this embarrassing problem. This research is available here for you to refer to whenever you may have a question you need answering. It is not necessary to read all this information before starting our system as we package everything you need to tackle this embarrassing problem directly in our kits. You should bookmark this page so that you have an easy link to this database page. Of course should you have any questions please feel free to email Dr. Speiser directly on

BreezeCare Patients
Dr Speiser's BreezeCare Clinic in Edgecliff sees many varied patients throughout the week. In fact we have patients who fly in from as far away as UK, to patients that travel down from Queensland and over from western Australia. They all have one thing in common - BAD BREATH. Since we began keeping records at our clinic we have ...
  Wrong Diagnosis
Here is an interesting case that we often see at The Breath Clinic. Sandy has always complained about her bad breath, but apparently no one else was able to smell it at the same intense level that she could. Feeling stupid about the situation she tried self treatment first by using store bought mouthwash and toothpaste that was advertis...
Anyone Can Get Bad Breath
Here is an interesting case that really shows how Bad Breath can afflict anyone. A well known celebrity attended a consultation with Dr Speiser at Australian Breath Clinic Edgecliff Office to have a complete breath check. The patient was worried that maybe they had halitosis as they had picked up signals from fellow co workers....
  KForce Plus Efficacy
The most asked question we receive is; "How quickly does the KFORCE PLUS Program work?" Well here are the results. Remember the KForce Plus program is effective because it tackles not only the bad breath bacteria but it enables you to clean the biofilms that contain bacteria from your mouth and throat. The results are instant and dramat...
KForce BreathGuard Efficacy
Andy attended the Australian Breath Clinic extremely embarrassed about his bad breath problem. Andy is 24 years old and reports having suffered from bad breath since childhood. In fact he can remember instances when he was only 6 years old and family and friends made remarks to him about his bad breath. On arriving at the clinic, Andy ...
  Recaldent: Tooth Sensitivity Teenager
The other areas of her dentition were unaffected and appeared clinically normal. Her general health was good, however she suffered from moderately severe asthma requiring daily use of a number of maintenance medicine. She had a moderate intake of caffeine (140mg/day) from cola soft drinks. Her daily water intake was low, and she avoi... read more-->
Recaldent: Tooth Sensitivity Adult
This problem began six months ago but has become more severe over time. She has also noticed small cavitations appearing on some of the root surfaces. Coincidentally, Helen has noticed an increase in dryness in both her mouth and eyes. Her general health is good and she has no other health problems. Clinical examination revealed that...
  Recaldent: Tooth Erosion
Albert suffered from obstructive sleep apnea and has been using a continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) mask at night as part of the management of this condition. A clinical exam revealed a loss of tooth structure, with over closing as well as forward posturing of the mandible to gain occlusal contact between the anterior teeth...
Recaldent: Assisting AIDS Treatment
Richard has an extremely dry mouth due to HIV and the number of different medications required to fight the virus. Unfortunately this means a daily regime of many tablets and other medications to resist ordinary pathogens and avoid pneumonia or TB. A complete dental examination revealed many carious and decalcified teeth due to a tot...

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