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Dr Speiser's BreezeCare Clinic in Australia sees many varied patients throughout the week. In fact we have patients who fly in from as far away as UK, to patients that travel down from Queensland and over from Western Australia. They all have one thing in common - bad breath. Since we began keeping records at our clinic we have tracked the average Volatile Sulphur Compound readings of before treatment and after treatment. The results are presented to you below and are very interesting.

Balance Rinse Efficacy in treating Bad Breath

Nasal Mucous Is The Main Complaint
If we look further into these patients we see that more than half the patients have nasal or mucous problems that are adding to their breath. But these mucous problems are the most common source of bad breath in halitophobic patients. These are people who believe they have bad breath, but other people cannot smell it. Interestingly these patients usually have higher than normal Dimethyl sulphide readings. This particular compound, is the hardest of all three compounds to pick up by another person, but because it usually comes from mucous at the back of the throat, the patient can smell this compound 24/7.

Simply, the patient is pulling air out of the lungs, over the mucous and bacteria. The sulphur compounds trapped in the expired air, travel up to the nasal passages and the smell is picked up by the olfactory nerve. The olfactory nerve can begin to smell this gas at levels over 8ppb, but other people would be hard pressed to smell the gas unless it got over 40ppb.

BreezeCare Success Rate Is High
As you can see from the graph above, the average breath patient has a halitosis reading of 684ppb. This is a combined total of all the volatile sulphur compounds being hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan and dimethyl sulphide. Science has stated that a reading above 150ppb of volatile sulphur compounds is able to be smelt by another person. This means the average halitosis patient to come to the clinic is four times higher than a level of offensive breath.

The success rate of our treatment is high, and as you can see from the graph the volatile sulphur level stands at 46ppb after undergoing treatment. Our success rate of patients attending our clinic is virtually 100%, and this happens simply because we are able to talk to the patient and review them over a number of weeks to see how they are interpreting our instructions and how they are cleaning the biofilms. I am constantly amazed at the percentage of patients that do not understand the importance of lifestyle and a regimented cleaning program. Or patients that continually believe that bad breath begins in the stomach or bowel.

A normal consultation takes about 1hour 15 min, and allows us to fully analyse the patients habits and mouth condition, as well as start them on the KForce Balance Program. Whenever a patient begins the Balance program at the clinic, we do another Halicheck level to see how much improvement there actually is. Patients are continually amazed at the new super low reading achieved when they do just the first treatment.


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