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An Interesting Article That Shows The Effects Of Bad Breath
Here is an interesting case that really shows how Bad Breath can afflict anyone. A well known celebrity attended a consultation with Dr Speiser at Australian Breath Clinic Edgecliff Office to have a complete breath check. The patient was worried that maybe they had halitosis as they had picked up signals from fellow co workers. Due to the high profile of the patient, dental checkups had been performed regularly, and the dental hygiene was adequate although not remarkable.

Bad Breath Gas Chromagrpah

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The initial HALICHECK readings which are seen in Burgundy on the graph, confirmed the patient's worst fears. The patient was high for all three gases of bad breath, with before treatment readings of Hydrogen Sulphide (2058), Methyl Mercaptan (1889) and Dimethyl Sulphide (287).

Next a GC Saliva Test was performed to check the acid levels, saliva volume and buffering of the saliva. In other words we are checking just how healthy the patient's saliva is. The GC Saliva Test showed the saliva to have an acid pH. This was later found out to be due to constant snacking and soft drinks between public appearances.

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Finally a comprehensive lifestyle quiz was answered by the patient, and once again this picked up many issues that had increased the bad breath bacteria. The patient was found to be cleaning their teeth in the shower instead of in front of a mirror, where they could be exact in their cleaning methods. The patient also did not floss their teeth in the morning, and also constantly used mouthwash high in alcohol and acid. The poor cleaning technique and the alcohol and acid helped to mimic an anaerobic environment, perfect for the growth of bad breath bacteria.

The patient was placed on the Balance System, and full instructions were issued at the consultation. For 5 days the KForce Balance Rinse was used both morning and night. The rinse helps to balance the mouth pH by discouraging the growth of bad breath bacteria and also softening up mouth biofilms to make cleaning more effective. Also a Hypertonic Saline Flush was used twice daily to remove throat mucous.

After 5 days the patient then transferred to using the KForce Balance Rinse once every 4 days in the morning and using the KForce Breath Guard Probiotics for the non mouthwash days. Dr Speiser was aiming to use the KForce Probiotics to fight the bad breath bacteria, rather than continue to use strong antiseptics.

After three months the patient came in for a second set of mouth breath readings. As you can see all three readings were well in the normal range. Hydrogen Sulphide was (13), Methyl Mercaptan was (11) and Dimethyl Sulphide was (4).

The patient was asked to continue the treatment indefinitely and attend for further readings if ever they found the system "slipping". The patient reported a clean fresh taste in the mouth, no morning breath, better breathing through the nose due to the nasal spray. And most important, there were no reactions or hints from any co workers. All this was done with a few simple consultations at the clinic.


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