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Bad Breath Testimonials

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Testimonials On KForce Plus Treatment
1. I have been using the products for two weeks, and I am a very very happy customer. At first I had my doubts, because I did not believe that specialized cleaning products could 'fix' my problem, but now I am truly sold. Thank you for investing your time and expertise into creating something so wonderful.
At first it was difficult to adopt a new cleaning habit and was awkward switching between several products. However after a week it feels like second nature and oddly enough I really enjoy the taste of the KForce balance rinse. I absolutely am a big fan of the probiotic mouth wash. After I have completed my routine my mouth and teeth feels so CLEAN. You must get hundreds of these kinds of feedback from elated customers. All I can say is a big thank you - my confidence is back and I am no longer embarrassed anymore. I have recommended close friends of these products because now they have a genuine testament. By the way - I have stopped chewing gum EVERYTIME i have eaten because my breathe feels clean and non-offensive!! That is huge!! Thank you!!!! My only question to you is - why can I not order the KForce pack in a larger size? Regards Ms P

2. Hi Dr Speiser, Thank you for taking the time to email me. I have noticed a huge difference already. I feel more confident when I talk up close to people for sure. Taking the time to use the system morning and night is the key I think. I was always rushing my teeth cleaning AM and PM and now that I take the time and follow the steps and immediately I felt that clean feeling in my mouth and in the morning I feel fresh when I wake. Amazing. I had complained to my dentist that I never had that clean feeling, even after I had a scale and clean, the next day I felt like my mouth was unhealthy. This is unreal and I am so pleased I did my own research and came across your system. I do have lots of saliva and my plaque builds up very quick, healthy teeth and could never understand why my breath would be smelly on occasions. Soon I will ask a family member of friend to be honest with me about my breath and let them know its OK. No one has directly said, you have bad breath Katie. I just know by hands being raised to noses and comments of, what's that smell? Maybe people thought I would bite their head off if they commented. Thanks again, I am thrilled and will continue to order and use your system. Its a Godsend really. MS KR

Testimonials on KForce Starter Treatment
1. Dear Dr Speiser and the BreezeCare Team. Just wanted to drop you a line about the great products you have on offer. After watching "What's Good For You", I decided to check out your website and found a lot of helpful information. I thought I would give it a go, so I purchased a Starter Kit. I have since purchased a Refill Kit and will continue with this in the future. After trying so many different things in the past and despite being very thorough with my oral hygiene, I could never get past my bad breath. It affected every aspect of my life, both socially and professionally. However since using your products I have had no such problems and my confidence is as high as ever!!! Even food has a better flavour now! Thanks again guys! Keep up the great work!!! JR Aust.

2. I have been on the program for three weeks now, and I must say that your product is a miracle. What a difference in the way my mouth feels and smells. No longer are people stepping away and covering their mouths. You have truly saved my life from this antisocial embarrassing problem. Many thanks to you doctor and your staff for creating such an awesome product that really works. When will your products be sold here in the US stores? I have recommended BreezeCare Products to many of my family and friends. By all means keep up the excellent work!!. MH USA

3. I am fit, healthy, eat a great diet, exercise regularly...and yet, I have been dogged by bad breath for several years now. My wife was always complaining, and generally refused to kiss me. I tried a number of things, but nothing really made a difference. I was quite despairing. I found your webpage, and wasnt sure if it was just hype. However, I decided to try it out, and bought a starter kit. I was amazed, totally, when my bad breath cleared up after the first 3 days. So far, no recurrance. My wife was also amazed, and delighted. I have to say, its the best money I have spent for a long time. Thanks very much for creating this system and these products. I hope more people will benefit from them. SG Aust.

Testimonial on KForce Breath Guard Treatment
I am writing to testify of what I have reaped from your products. I delayed in sending in my testimony because I wanted to really be sure of what I am writing. I noticed the difference right from the first time I used the products. But that was my own observation. I wanted to see other people's reaction because my problem was with people not with myself. I found myself at work with this senior colleague and she approached me to speak to me and I found myself responding so close as I have never done before and she did not withdraw her face quickly from me neither did she rub her hand on her nose and look at me as is usually the case. I have also noticed that so many other people I have spoken to, have not withdrawn from me either. I can now speak to people with confidence. I feel very happy with myself now. I feel liberated from this big burden that was standing in front of me. I thank God who gave me the idea to go to the internet in search for help. I am also appreciative for finding you when I went into the internet. May God bless you for giving me a solution to my problem. That means I have better things waiting for me this year. Thanks for your continuous co-operation. Ms M UK

Testimonial on KForce Breath Guard K12 Probiotic
I would like to offer you some feedback on how BLIS K12 (which is the active ingredient in KFORCE) has fixed my bad breath problem. My dentist scoffed that this product would not work, saying that it was likely due to a stomach problem - which I had checked out as being OK! I had tried all the usual mouthwashes and endless brushing and flossing to no avail. My background is in medical laboratory science, so the rationale behind the use of this pro biotic made sense to me. I was very pleased at the results when I used the BLIS K12 which is primarily sold in New Zealand for sore throats. It has given my confidence a huge boost as I am no longer wary of speaking to other people in case my breath caused offence. And I think my sense of taste has improved!. I hope this product proves to be effective treatment for many of your clients and that it transforms their social lives. Mr B.A New Zealand


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