Probiotics and Mouth Health

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Probiotics and Mouth Health

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What Are Probiotics

Probiotics Are Live Beneficial Bacteria
Probiotics is defined as the use of beneficial live bacteria to help the body deal with opportunistic bacteria. There are probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidus that have been discovered to help gaseous stomachs and indigestion. However these bacteria are not useful for other parts of the body as they are specific bacteria from the stomach.

And now there are two new probiotics discovered for the mouth, they are S.salivarius K12 and S.salivarius M18. BLIS producing organisms, make an antibacterial peptide that targets bad breath bacteria. These BLIS peptides are unique as they do not harm normal bacteria. These BLIS peptides belong to a group of peptides called lantibiotics (ribosomally synthesized lanthionine containing antibiotics). The BLIS peptides produced by Streptococcus salivarius K12 are called Salivaricin A (a bacteriostatic peptide) and Salivaricin B (a bactericidal peptide).

How Do Probiotics Work
Whereas the BLIS Peptides produced by Streptococcus salivarius M18 are Salivaricin A, Salivaricin B and Salivaricin X. Approximately 2% of the world's population contain Streptococcus salivarius that make such peptides. The peptide works by attaching to the bad breath bacteria cell wall and then createing a gap in the wall causing the cell to die. An unusual feature is that this process requires a minute difference in voltage between the inner and outer cell wall, and this only typically occurs in bacteria dividing while undergoing rapid growth. Bad breath anaerobic bacteria are notorious for rapid growth and are therefore perfect targets for this BLIS peptide.

Everyone knows someone who either never gets sick
or never has a breath problem. In fact they are just generally healthy people. What is their secret? Well, if you took an analysis of their saliva what you would notice is that they have high levels of BLIS producing bacteria and low levels of anaerobic and pathogenic bacteria. Generally what is happening in these healthy mouths is that the BLIS producing bacteria are policing the remainder of the mouth flora. Our BLIS Producing bacteria are called KForce Breath Guard with K12 and KForce Oral Guard with M18, and they contain the discovery of Streptococcus salivarius K12.

Well the bad news is that if you do not have BLIS K12 producing bacteria
in your mouth, then you cannot colonise it later in life. People that have this probiotic, BLIS K12 received it from their parents in their first contact. This has been scientifically shown. A study looked at premature babies in incubators. These incubator babies stayed bacteria free until their first contact with their parent. At this stage the bacteria in the parent's saliva crossed over to the baby and thus colonised their mouth setting their bacteria levels for their life. It has been theorised that if we colonised adults with good bacteria before their first child contact, we may be able to pass these good probiotics to our children.

KForce BreathGuard Is The Original K12 Probiotic Treatment
Professor Tagg and I spent time back in 2004 developing the first probiotic treatment for bad breath. The culture plates we did at the BLIS Technologies laboratory showed that the best knock down rinse that kept bad breath bacteria in check was one that used chlorine dioxide. KForce Breathguard is this original system. It uses the power of chlorine dioxide to ready the mouth for the colonisation of KForce Probiotics. Since that time we have expanded to include our range of Balance rinses that are easier to use. But for the many people that prefer the softness of chlorine dioxide this kit is specially made for you.

KForce Breath Guard Has A Comprhensive Cleaning Regime
At BreezeCare Clinic we found that a complete mouth regime of BLIS K12 colonisation, packaged with a cleaning regime to remove bacteria biofilms, and then finally combined with lifestyle changes, was the best way to achieve extremely fresh breath and taste.

BreezeCare Clinic scientifically proved this by taking saliva samples before during and after treatments on a number of patients. These samples were examined under microscope at BLIS Technologies, and showed that patients with high bad breath readings had little or no Streptococcus salivarius in their mouth. Yet after being on the Breath Clinic Program and achieving normal fresh breath scores, the patient saliva showed a high level of BLIS K12 probiotic. In every case where breath readings did not substantially improve, the levels of BLIS K12 were low to non existent. These patients unfortunately were not able to correct their hostile mouth environment to allow a proper colonisation of BLIS K12 probiotic.

Since 2004, BreezeCare Clinic has been continually developing formulations to help neutralise hostile mouth environments, and thus make the probiotic K12 work in an even larger number of patients. This continued research has now led to the release of a second probiotic S.salivarius M18 that will help prevent tooth decay.

The great success Dr Speiser has been achieving was recently recognised by winning the Australian Business Award for Enterprise 2006. You can click on the logo at the bottom of the page to read more about this award.


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