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Halicheck Clinic Treatment for Bad Breath

Dr. Speiser talks about Halicheck Clinic Treatment
I developed Halicheck to objectively test Bad Breath in a simple non-embarrasing 10 minute test. The machinery I use is so sensitive that it can detect odours as low as "1 part bad breath to 1 billion parts air". This is 100 times more sensitive than the human nose. Halicheck is the first and only machine that can separate the three main gases of bad breath and give me information as to where the gases are developing in the mouth. Only with this sort of information can a proper treatment plan of attack be developed. I only practice in Sydney, and constantly see patients from all over Australia who fly in for the day to get treated. Simply, quickly and efficiently.

I am passionate about helping my patients that suffer from Halitosis. The experience that comes from seeing patients that suffered with all sorts of breath odours over the years is invaluable in determining your actual breath issues. The general dentist is not qualified to diagnose and treat most cases of bad breath, as they do not have the machinery or the experience in treatment..

In fact, most patients I see have their own dentist, or are referred from their medical doctor, or medical specialist such as Gastroenterologists, or ENT doctors. A Halicheck Consultation takes one hour, and involves testing your breath, checking your tongue teeth gums and throat for bacterial biofilms, checking your saliva pH, saliva volume and finally a full dental and periodontal examination.

I am happy to treat you for any breath issues or dental issues that may need rectifying. Apart from Halitosis our clinic has also heavily invested in CAD-CAM machinery from Siemens that enables us to make one visit ceramic crowns and restorations that look just like your natural tooth. All in the space of a two hour visit. So if your bad breath has a dental origin then we are able to correct all of this in a few easy clinic visits with our high tech machinery.

Halicheck Is Only Available at Australian Breath Clinic
The Halicheck consultation was developed after consulting with various specialists around the world. I consider it the Gold Standard in breath measurement. Below are the steps we undertake to diagnose and treat bad breath issues.

STEP 1: HALICHECK - Gas Chromograph Mouth Air Measurement
The Gas Chromograph breath reading is such an amazing step in understanding bad breath and why you may have a smell issue A. sample of air is taken from the mouth and put into the Halicheck machine. This air is broken down to over 50 different mouth gases and allows us to identify the volume of the main bad breath gases. The test takes 8 minutes and will give us a measurement of bad breath coming from the tongue surface, teeth and gums and from the back of the throat at the gag reflex line. HALICHECK is the Gold Standard in measuring Halitosis.

STEP 2: LIFESTYLE QUIZ - In depth analysis of your foods, medicines, daily activities and hygiene habits
Once we have determined the area where the bad breath bacteria are living, we need to work out why this imbalance occurred. Normally this is due to a lifestyle issue. It may be a cleaning error, or it can be overuse of mouthwash. It can even be foods or diets that you may undertake. I have developed an in depth quiz that examines all aspects of your hygiene protocol, medicine intake, illnesses, and food intake during the day. What you tell me on this quiz goes a long way in solving your Halitosis problem.

STEP 3: CLINICAL EXAMINATION - Periodontal and Dental Examination
I am a qualified dentist, who graduated in 1980 from Sydney University. I still run a full time dental practice. So the final step of the Bad Breath Consultation is to do a full examination on you and verify the findings of both the Halicheck Gas Chromograph and the in depth Lifestyle Quiz. This examination also enables me to determine if there are any dental issues that may be causing your problem, such as old restorations, impacted teeth and gum disease.

Lets Look At An Example
If the Halicheck determines you are high in Methyl Mercaptan Gas (which smells of faeces) then we know from scientific research that the bacteria (Treponema denticola, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia, Tannerella forsythensis, Porphyromonas endodontalis and Eubacterium Species) all produce this gas. These bacteria only live in a few places in the mouth, but normally they are on the very back of the tongue at the gag reflex, or if you have gingivitis or periodontitis then they can live under the gums as well.

Gingivitis means swollen gums and almost all of the population will have some form of it due to quick cleaning we give our teeth every morning and occasionally at night that does not flush bacteria from the gums properly. Periodontitis is more severe and means swollen gums with bone loss. This is what happens when you have gingivitis for a long period of time. So it is the progression of the disease. Periodontitis affects mainly 35years of age and on. Recent research shows that almost 80% of the population over 50 years old will have some periodontitis in their mouth. So we know that if you are not able to properly clean the gag reflex of your tongue, or if your gums bleed when cleaned or flossed, or the floss smells then these are very clear defined signs of bacterial imbalance due to inadequate cleaning and gingivitis or periodontitis

We then confirm this diagnosis with a clinical examination of the mouth. By looking at the tongue and gag reflex we can see if there is a coating that is more than 12 hours old. After 12 hours is when the bacteria will start to break down proteins to smells. We can examine the condition of the gums with the use of a periodontal probe and x-rays.

Our science and research protocol enables us to definitively assess your halitosis for odour, location and strength. No other clinic or machinery can do this.

I am available for consultations Monday to Friday at our Sydney Clinic
Please call us for information and to discuss your personal needs on 1300-653-335

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