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You Can Visit These Dentists For Treatment

DR GEOFFREY SPEISER - (NSW Sydney - Edgecliff) - Head Office
Phone 1300 653 335

Dr Speiser is the brainchild behind Australian and UK Breath Clinics, as well as being the developer of the KForce Systems to treat Bad Breath. Dr Speiser is Australia's foremost expert on the use of Halicheck Oral Chroma. All studies involving new products and techniques are developed at the Sydney Clinic. Dr Speiser holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Sydney 1980.

Patients report that the clinic offers a professional and comfortable environment, with staff being very approachable about this sensitive issue. The clinic charges a one time fee for consultation, and patients are welcome to return as often as needed to tenure their program is successful. There is no added consultation fee for these extra visits. Head Office at Edgecliff is exclusively limited to Halitosis treatment and accepts referrals from dentists and doctors, and other health care professionals.

Phone: (02) 4861 7422

Planetsmiles is excited to incorporate the Dr Speiser's breakthrough fresh breath treatments into their patient's oral health routines.

Dr Lynette Wallace enjoys using computerised technology in many parts of her general dental practice to assist in offering state of the art treatment. Dental cat scans, digital radiographs, digital models provide high accuracy and efficiency while minimising patient's chair time.

And the Halicheck can provide a thorough computerised breakdown of just how sweet your breath is. Something you don’t want to leave to chance in your work, rest and play … as your breath often precedes you.

Phone: (02) 4655 2075

Our practice's long standing commitment to providing high quality dental care aligns perfectly with Bupa's philosophy of being a health and care partner for customers. Our staff are high quality skilled and caring that are dedicated to offering every patient an exceptional experience. If you have any questions please contact our friendly team.

Phone: (02) 4708 7007

I'm constantly researching the latest advancements in minimally - invasive, pain free dentistry and offer my patients the best treatment options available. We are proud to implement Dr Speiser's breakthrough fresh breath technology.

Having lived in the Blue Mountains since 1995, my vision is to gently and empathetically facilitate your dental and breath healing, integrating the very best of Western & Eastern modalities of treatment to seek the deepest underlying cause of disease, and treat you through the best allied health practitioners in the area, in order to bring out the best healthy version of you.

My goal is to inspire our patients to seek and achieve optimum well-being on all levels. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Phone: (02) 6922 6840

When you visit our dental practice then you can be sure of receiving a warm welcome. We love getting to know all our patients and their families and want everyone visiting us to feel as relaxed as possible. Our aim is to ensure that each visit to our dentist in Wagga Wagga is positive experience.

Dr Thomas has many years of experience in treating numerous general and more advanced dental issues and loves seeing people of all ages at our family orientated dental practice. You will find he is a very gentle, calm and understanding dentist who is easy to chat to.

He is absolutely committed to providing the very best and most up-to-date customised services to everyone visiting the practice and is continually updating his extensive skills and knowledge with ongoing education.

Phone: (02) 6766 2236

Happy Smiles is a general dental practice in Tamworth NSW owned by Dr Richard Wise. The staff are always helpful and loving.


DR HEATH FRASER - (QLD Sunshine Coast)
Phone: (07) 5493 6060

The Sunshine Coast Fresh Breath Clinic is conveniently located at Kawana, on Nicklin Way in partnership with Avenue Dental Kawana.

The clinic is run under the supervision of Dr Heath Fraser, the principal dentist of Avenue Dental Kawana. Dr Fraser graduated from the University of Queensland with honours in 2005. He has a keen interest in the treatment of halitosis and has specialized training from Dr Speiser. He hopes to compliment this training with his interest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, providing a unique holistic approach to oral health care.

The Sunshine Coast Fresh Breath Clinic is a modern and specialized clinic dedicated to the diagnosis of halitosis (with the OralChroma) and treatment using KForce products.  The highly trained team are happy to accept all patients who want to rid themselves of halitosis or even just curious to see if they are suffering from the problem. Call us today to speak to one of our empathetic staff or visit our website to find out more.

Phone: (07) 3720 1811

The Fresh Breath Centre Brisbane is located in the leafy suburb of Kenmore just 10km west of Brisbane CBD.

The Fresh Breath Centre for the treatment of bad breath in partnership with Evolve Dental Healing holistic dental practice is run under the supervision of dentist Dr Rachel Hall. Taking a holistic approach to oral health we are proud to offer breath analysis and solutions that really work when it comes to helping you deal with bad breath (halitosis).

Using the Oral Chroma HaliCheck system we are a specialised centre that can diagnose bad breath and its origins. Our highly trained and caring team are here to help, support and advise you to get on the path to a healthier mouth and fresher breath today. Call or visit the website for more information.

DR KEN LAU - (QLD Kedron)
Phone: (07) 3350 2517

Castle Dental is your local Kedron Dentist. We are a family friendly dental practice and it is our intention to provide you with the highest standard of dental caring and friendly environment.

We believe in the importance of ensuring our patients are well informed and can understand any problems that they have with their teeth and gums. This patient knowledge will enable you to make informed choices on the best treatment options available to you and decide which level of treatment best suits your priorities and budget.

Phone: (07) 3269 2443

We want all our patients to have a healthy mouth for life. Our Preventive Care Program, led by our three Dental Hygienists, is designed to achieve ongoing and optimal dental health.

Our dental team is trained to help patients, especially children, feel comfortable. We’ll make your visit as relaxed and positive as possible.

We take the time to offer advice and explain the options available so you can make an informed decision. With state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry services, Robert Duhig Dental can improve your smile, appearance and confidence. Find out about our Free 20-minute Smile Appraisal. Our full range of dental services encompasses the very latest proven technology and treatment options.

Phone: (07) 3379 9300

Craig is committed to the highest standards of dental care for his patients through actively participating in professional development. Since 2003, Craig has attended over 200 hours of continuing education every year. This has involved many courses in Brisbane, interstate and overseas. Craig is one of the few Australian recipients on the Presidents Honour Role o f the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which he received in 2007.

Craig was the first Australian awarded the prestigious LVI Rising Star Award for Outstanding Commitment to Education in August 2007.

Phone: (07) 3893 1233

Your smile can tell so much about you and sometimes imperfections can have an impact on your confidence and the way you smile. We at Bay Terrace Dental Care work with you using the most up to date dental techniques, from preventative programs to stop tooth decay to the latest cosmetic treatments in order to create a smile you will be proud of.

Phone: (08) 8562 1444

At Barossa Dental we offer you complete and comprehensive dental care using cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment. Our high skilled team is focused on providing education and care for you and your family in a comfortable, friendly environment. Our commitment is to give you the highest level of dental care possible.

Barossa Dental is a leader in primary health care in this region and our ever expanding team of professional staff are determined to shape the future of dentistry and remain well established as the Barossa leading dental provider.

DR RUSSELL FINE - (WA Booragoon)
Phone: (08) 9316 3622

Russell graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) in 1991, & graduated with his Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDSc) in 1996.

Russell has been furthering his career and gaining qualifications in various aspects within dentistry including Implant Dentistry, Snoring and Sleep Dentistry, and Invisalign. Russell is very proactive in keeping his practice up to date with the most recent dental advancements. He is an active member of the ADA (Australian Dental Association). He is a State and Federal executive council officer for the AOS (Australasian Osseointegration Society). He is also a member of the ASID (Australian Society of Implant Dentistry), the ASP (Australian Society of Periodontology) and the ASA (Australian Sleep Association).

Russell has a keen interest in Sedation Dentistry and treating phobic patients. His other main interests include implant and re-constructive dentistry, and various cosmetic procedures to enhance patient’s smiles.

Phone: (08) 9226 1461

We are conveniently located in the heart of the Perth CBD. Accent Dental is the place to go for timely, cost effective and efficient dental treatment. Our dentists are highly skilled and receive regular training on all the latest dental techniques. We have fantastic relationships with our patients and aim to suit all your dental needs.

DR KIM NOSKE - (WA Halls Head)
Phone: (08) 9581 2299

Halls Head Dental Centre first opened its doors in 1987. In 1992, our Mandurah family dentists relocated the practice to a newer , more modern facility. With a focus on family friendly care, we strive to provide a broad range of services for everyone, from young children to adults. Because of our convenient location, patients don't have to travel to Perth for their dental treatment.

Our entire team is here to provide you with a lifetime of quality care, in a relaxing environment. From general dentistry to teeth straightening or dental implants, a variety of services is available to you. Our state of the art technology and welcoming staff combine to give you a fresh and friendly dental experience.

DR HARRY MARGET - (VIC Melbourne - East Bentleigh)
Phone: (03) 9579 5333

Dr Harry Marget at East Bentleigh Dental Group is dedicated to assisting patients to overcome the trauma associated with bad breath. The Fresh Breath Clinic at East Bentleigh Dental Group has a unique OralChroma machine which is a specialized Halitosis Measuring Device.  An Oral-Chroma test allows the clinic to measure up to 50 different gases in the patient’s mouth to help identify the cause.

This enables Dr Marget to create a Fresh Breath program and treatment for the patient. During the 30 minute Fresh Breath consultation, patients also fill out an extensive questionnaire, a check-up is done and breath and saliva is tested. A suitable treatment program is issued with recommendations on dietary advice and products from the KForce Treatment Program. The kit also contains a lifestyle guide that has daily recommendations for the control of Bad Breath.

Phone: (09) 489 6575

The New Zealand Fresh Breath Clinic is located in Milford, Auckland under the supervision of Andrea Clarke, the principle dentist at Milford Dentists. She is excited to bring New Zealand its first Breath Analysis Clinic.

Working alongside Andrea are our Breath Consultants Karen Boyd & Mel Finau. Andrea, Karen & Mel, are extremely understanding of patients concerns and anxieties when it comes to facing their bad breath concerns. Karen welcomes all new patients and works 2 late nights on a Monday and Tuesday till 7pm

The New Zealand Fresh Breath Clinic is a modern and specialized clinic. Whether you want to rid yourself of Halitosis or are curious to see if you are suffering from bad breath we are happy to accept all patients. Call us today or email us -

Phone: 0161 831 9670

Lance has established a powerful reputation within his industry and one that has been backed up by each patient that has received treatment from his Manchester Dentists Surgery.

Lance qualified with honours and distinction in his final exam and in his time at university he was awarded the prestigious John Forrester award for his work in Sports Dentistry. Since qualifying Lance has based himself in the heart of Manchester city centre but has a client base that stretches internationally.

Lance focuses his work in Cosmetic Dentistry and Sports Dentistry as he has enormous passion for these areas. He is now excited to add the unique UK Breath Clinic Protocol to his regime to treat all cases of Bad Breath and Halitosis. Lance has undertaken to do further study into this new and exciting area, and expand its benefits throughout his practice.

Dr Roland Chia Ming Shen - Phone +6 016- 8300 183

Roland is proud to open the first Malaysian Breath Centre under the personal supervision of Dr Speiser. Dr Chia has attended full training at the Sydney Breath Clinic by Dr Speiser and is able to fully diagnose and treat all bad breath, halitosis and taste issues using the innovative protocol developed by Dr Speiser.

Dr Chia will be happy to help any patients that wish to visit his clinics in Malaysia with not only their breath issues but also any other dental issues. Clinics will be available in East Malaysia and West Malaysia. Contact Dr Chia for full details.


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